On being a Big Sister

I want to write! A blog! Yay!

But what about? And who for? Who will read me? Why?

Well, to be honest, I have no “niche”. (Yet.) I feel like writing about books, recipes, sharing pictures, talking about my day, my fears and my achievements. These everyday things that we as communicative beings all need to discuss, repeat, embellish or whisper in the dead of night.

So, who do I usually share these things with?

This has lead me to my (hopefully solid) concept –

Big sister – documenting the highs, the lows, the hiccups and the smooth runs in life – whether you like it or not.

I think of it as me sharing my insights and daily challenges –  so that you might not have to repeat the same mistakes (like shaving off all your boyfriend’s hair on a single strip of scalp, and letting him go to work in that state for a week because he just doesn’t care…for example). So whether you are wondering what gadget to buy next, looking for a nice place for lunch in some faraway city or wondering what to do with your life, I hope all will find something interesting to read, to discuss further or to give me much needed advice on.

Welcome to Wield Words, happy 2016 and here’s to sharing it all.

This is who I am – this is my forever crew – this is why I write

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